Grandmother Roxanne Record allegedly forced her grand-daughter to drink bottle of whiskey

Girl, 4, dies after gran ‘forced her to drink bottle of whiskey as mum watched’

China Record died in in Louisiana on Thursday after allegedly being forced her to drink the bottle after her gran believed the four-year-old could have taken a sip.

Grandmother Roxanne Record allegedly forced her grand-daughter to drink bottle of whiskey

A four-year-old girl died after her gran allegedly forced her to drink a bottle of whiskey.

Police say China Record’s mum Kadjah Record watched as the youngster was said to have been made to down the drink by 53-year-old Roxanne Record.

The child died in Louisiana, US, on Thursday after allegedly being forced to drink the bottle by her gran.

According to the New York Post her blood alcohol level was .680 when cops arrived at the family home.

This level is more than eight times the legal limit to drive, which is .08.

Kadjah Record is said to have watched as her four-year-old daughter was made to drink the whiskey


Baton Rouge Police Department)

Police documents say both her gran and mum became angry after the four-year-old took a sip from the bottle of Canadian Mist whiskey.

The bottle was said to be “over half full” when Roxanne Record allegedly forced China to drink the remainder of it ‘on her knees’.

Documents from police also state Kadjah Record was present when the incident happened.

Cops say she ‘failed to stop’ Roxanne from providing the alcoholic drink.

China was reportedly put in a bathtub but was unresponsive.

According to The Advocate newspaper, Roxanne allegedly said “this went too far,” and she “ruined everyone’s lives”.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office said the cause of her death was acute alcohol poisoning, ABC News reports.

Both women are being held at East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office according to jail records.

Further information about the young girl’s death was not immediately available.

According to WAFB, the arrest warrant said Kadjha saw her mother leave the kitchen with the bottle of alcohol and it was empty when she returned.

Earlier this month The Mirror told how a mother and father were arrested after their dead four-week old baby was found to have over four times the legal alcohol limit that would be allowed for an adult when driving a car.

Police arrested Marquis Simon Colvin, 25, and Sydnei Moran Dunn, 24, who are accused of killing their four-week-old infant with alcohol poisoning in Paulding County in the US state of Georgia.

The four-week old infant was brought to the hospital by its parents and was unresponsive.

The youngster’s mum Sydnei Moran Dunn stated that she had consumed a large quantity of alcohol the day before and that the child must have gotten alcohol poisoning from her while she was breast-feeding.

But she then indicated the child’s father put alcohol in the baby’s bottle, with doctors saying the child had a quantity of alcohol in its system that was well over four times the legal limit for an adult.


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