F1 LIVE: Emilia Romagna Grand Prix latest updates at wet Imola as Max Verstappen leads after Charles Leclerc spin

F1 LIVE: Emilia Romagna Grand Prix latest updates at wet Imola as Max Verstappen leads after Charles Leclerc spin

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Formula One’s first European race of the season takes place on Sunday afternoon, as the teams and drivers face the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola.

The first sprint race of the 2022 season took place on Saturday and it was Red Bull’s Max Verstappen who claimed pole position for Sunday’s main event, just edging ahead of Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc on the penultimate lap. With the teammates of each of those two on the second row, it’s McLaren who fill the third on the grid, Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo both looking to continue their fine starts to the campaign. But while Alpine, Haas and Alfa Romeo all have at least one driver in the top 10 to start at Imola, Mercedes pair George Russell (11th) and Lewis Hamilton (14th) face another dismal weekend which has left the seven-time world champion already writing off the year.

Last year Verstappen beat Hamilton after overtaking him on the very first corner, with Norris claiming the other podium spot – and despite the Belgian-Dutch racer starting in top spot this time around, his teammate Sergio Perez is looking to claim victory himself.

Follow all the latest updates from the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix below:


Lap 55/63

Oh my! Lando Norris is up into third and Charles Leclerc is back on track in…eighth place! In fact, ninth, after Kevin Magnussen overtakes him in the first couple of corners of lap 55.

Everyone spoke before the race about risk and reward and Leclerc pushed to hard through the chicane, clipping the raised part of the track. He’s fortunate that he is still racing at all.

Yuki Tsunoda is up into sixth, by the way. A great performance from the Alpha Tauri driver.

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:24


Lap 53/63


He was chasing Sergio Perez hard, but slid off track and has got damage to the front of his car. He’s coming in! Disaster for Ferrari.

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:22


Lap 53/63

Intriguingly, Charles Leclerc tells his team he reckons they should have gone for medium tires – but he seems to be finding more grip than Sergio Perez and will have DRS…

Can he get beyond him? Nope, the Red Bull has the pace through the straight and holds on without undue trouble.

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:21


Lap 52/63

And to complete the pitting action at the front of the race, in dives Max Verstappen for a stop and a switch of tires. He’ll re-emerge with 11 laps to go, fifteen seconds in front of teammate Sergio Perez, who has Charles Leclerc for close company.

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:20


Lap 51/63

Red Bull have a free pit stop as a result, and they bring in Sergio Perez.

Charles Leclerc assists Lando Norris for third.

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:18


Lap 50/63

Charles Leclerc has pitted! A bold move from Ferrari to get the soft tires on and he is out..ahead of Lando Norris, but not for long! Norris into third on the track for now – Leclerc must get by the McLaren and then eye that extra point for the fastest lap of the afternoon.

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:17


Lap 49/63

Lewis Hamilton is throwing everything he has at Pierre Gasly, but both Gasly and Alex Albon are holding firm. Sergio Perez has crept up behind the trio and will soon be getting blue flags to lap ’em.

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:16


Lap 48/63

In other AlphaTauri news, Yuki Tsunoda is going well and withing half a second of Kevin Magnussen…

And round the outside into turn one the Japanese driver takes eighth place!

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:13


Lap 46/63

Still as you were for places 12, 13, 14: Alex Albon, Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton. Gasly is doing a fine job holding Hamilton off.

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:12


Lap 44/63

Here’s the top ten with less than a third of the race to go.

1. Verstappen, 2. Perez, 3. Leclerc, 4. Norris, 5. Russell, 6. Bottas, 7. Vettel, 8. Magnussen, 9. Tsunoda, 10. Stroll.

Charles Leclerc asks about the strategy – it seems he’ll stay out to the end with Ferrari unwilling to risk something more ambitious. That seems sensible with Carlos Sainz failing to score after that first lap retirement.

Harry Latham-Coyle24 April 2022 15:10

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