French election 2022 live: Polls put Macron ahead of Le Pen after presidential debate

French election 2022 – live: Polls show Macron pulling away from Le Pen

Watch live as French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen holds rally in Arras

Emmanuel Macron is pulling away from Marine Le Pen and is on course for victory with 55 per cent of the vote, latest polls show.

Polls have also shown that 61 per cent of registered voters are “completely sure” to vote in the second round of France’s presidential election this weekend.

It comes as Macron said Marine Le Pen, his far-right challenger, is capitalizing on anger he has failed to quell among the French people as their election campaigns entered their final days.

Both candidates spoke to the media on Friday morning as they attempted to sweep up voters and support ahead of Sunday’s vote.

The current president said the far-right lived on “fears and resentment” and accepted his opponent was able to draw on his own failures in his bid to replace him.

In her interview this morning, Ms Le Pen accused Mr Macron of “not liking the French”.


NEW: Polls show Macron pulling away from LePen

The latest polls have shown Emmanuel Macron pulling away from Marine Le Pen and on course for victory with 55 per cent of the vote according to IFOP Fiducial Poll.

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Marine Le Pen: Background and family

Want to know more about Marine Le Pen and her background? Joe Sommerlad takes a look at her life and family:

Zoe Tidman22 April 2022 15:58


YouGov final poll predicts Macron win

Here is a YouGov’s final poll on the French presidential election:

Zoe Tidman22 April 2022 15:15


Where are the candidates today?

Marine Le Pen has been campaigning in her stronghold of northern France today in a last-ditch effort to try to close the gap between herself and Emmanuel Macron in polls.

She visited a hospital in Berck-sur-Mer in the Pas-de-Calais region.

French far-right leader and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen tastes a melon coming from Morocco as she campaigns at a street market


The far-right candidate also went to a street market in Etaples near Le Touquet – a pointed choice on the final day of campaigning given that it is the constituency in which Emmanuel Macron himself votes.

Marine Le Pen visits a hospital in Berck-sur-Mer in the northern Pas-de-Calais region on Friday

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After his radio interview this morning, Mr Macron was set to travel to Figeac, a town deep in France’s southern heartland.

Emmanuel Macron arrives for a campaign rally in Figeac


His supporters have gathered with flags for the final rally of his re-election campaign:

Emmanuel Macron holds his last camping meeting in Figeac


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Macron admits failing to tackle anger in France

Emmanuel Macron has admitted failing to tackle some of the anger felt by voters in France, saying his opponent Marine Le Pen is using it to drive her campaign ahead of Sunday’s vote.

Two days before the pair face each other in the final round of the election, the incumbent said far-right Ms Le Pen was capitalizing on the “fears and resentment” of the electorate

RorySullivan has more on the president’s comments this morning:

Zoe Tidman22 April 2022 14:02


Emmanuel Macron: Background and family

France’s president Emmanuel Macron is expected to win a second term in the Elysee Palace in Sunday’s runoff vote against far-right challenger Marine Le Pen.

But who is the centrist president? Joe Sommerlad takes a look at his background and family:

Zoe Tidman22 April 2022 12:47


Melenchon as prime minister? Macron Answers

Emmanuel Macron has been asked whether he would have Jean-Luc Melenchon, the far-left and environmentally-minded politician who came third in the first round of voting, as prime minister.

An interviewer mentioned how Mr Macron had said he wanted the person in this role to be in charge of climate.

The president danced around the question and described how the prime minister is chosen: it is based on the make-up of parliament, which will be decided in a vote in summer.

“I’m fighting first to gain the trust of our fellow citizens on Sunday. And then there will be the parliamentary elections. And there will be a prime minister chosen in light of these elections,” he said.

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New poll puts Macron winning with 57 per cent of votes

Emmanuel Macron is seen winning the presidential election with 57 per cent of the vote compared to Marine Le Pen, according to a new poll by Poll OpinionWay – Kea Partners.

Zoe Tidman22 April 2022 11:20


Le Pen managed to draw on failures and anger I failed to pacify, Macron says

Speaking about his rival this morning, Emmanuel Macron said: “She has managed to draw on some of what we did not manage to do, on some of the things I did not manage to do to pacify some of the anger, respond quickly to what voters want and in particular show herself as offering security to the middle and working French classes.”

He added to France Inter radio: “The far-right lives on fears and resentment.”

Zoe TidmanApril 22, 2022, 10:45 a.m.


Macron and Le Pen trade blows in interviews

Emmanuel Macron also said this morning the far-right lives “on fears and resentment” as he traded blows with Marine Le Pen in media interviews this morning.

Meanwhile his far-right opponent accused the president of embodying an elitism that has failed ordinary people.

“He does not like the French,” she told Europe 1 radio on Friday.

Zoe Tidman22 April 2022 10:24

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