Battlefield 2042's ludicrously large patch is now live

Battlefield 2042’s ludicrously large patch is now live

Battlefield 2042 has received an update that introduced 400+ fixes, improvements, and new additions, such as Party and Squad VoIP functionality, a Scoreboard on the End of Round screen, a host of balancing tweaks, and more.

If you’ve been working your way through the Battlefield 2042 achievements, or have already completed the list, you’ve probably noticed that it still needs quite a bit of work done to it. Well, DICE has been working on a steady stream of updates to appeal to players’ concerns in an attempt to grow the game’s ever-dwindling player base. Last week, DICE community manager Kevin Johnson shared an update on Twitter, letting players know that Update 4.0 was on its way and featuring more than 400 fixes, tweaks, and more. The update in question dropped yesterday and contains a wealth of improvements, fixes, features, and balances for the struggling game.

We won’t be publishing the entirety of the patch notes because of the sheer size of the list, so we recommend you head over to the Battlefield 2042 website for the full rundown, but there are definitely a few key points worth discussing.

DICE has finally added VoIP communication by way of Party and Squad chat channels which can be found within the settings menu. Additionally, the Scoreboard will now be shown during the End of Round screens. Both of these features desperately needed implementing, so it’s great to finally see them. The final new addition involves completely updated weapon attachment behaviors. DICE admits in the patch notes that “some attachments had effects that were too similar from others, and it was unclear what the impact on your weapons would be when switching between them.” The developer’s overhauled attachment “ensures” that attachments offer you a unique, noticeable, and impactful improvement when customizing your weapons.

On top of the additional features, Update 4.0 adds a ton of balancing tweaks to the game’s Specialists, such as improvements to Sundance’s Anti-Armor Grenades. Rao and Paik’s Traits have also seen some hefty improvements in this patch. Vehicles have seen widespread balance changes, and fixes have been implemented to address the inability to revive players near objects, or being unable to ADS after hopping out of a vehicle. You can also expect to see Ribbons and XP events improvements, which should allow you to more easily unlock them across each of the game’s modes.

“Our next update following this one is currently scheduled to release in May, and is focused on bringing further quality of life updates and bug fixes,” DICE says. “We’ll have more to tell you about the contents of that update closer to its release.”

Is the pile of 400+ fixes enough to entice you back to Battlefield 2042? We’d love to know, so let us know down in the comments!

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